The third week of the Open always seems to be the separation week. The week where all athletes weaknesses are exposed and where the pack is divided so to speak. We all know it's going to happen at some point. This year, as in years past was no exception. As in Open workouts before with certain elements, there was no doubt strict handstand push-ups were going to make an appearance based on the recent push from the main site. It shouldn't have surprised anyone. Yet, for some reason, it did. Maybe not to the RX athletes, but definitely to those scaling the workout. Sure there was frustration, worry, anger, resignment, resentment and maybe even some acceptance, but what was most apparent was resilience. Resilience because even though you know this is a weakness, you still work through it the best way you can. Resilience to know that it's okay to deviate from your plan and do what is best for your body and to accept what your limitations are. Resilience because you know that you now have a benchmark to improve on for the next time because we all know there WILL be a repeat of this one. Resilience because you have a whole community encouraging you every step of the way. This collection of images is exactly that, that moment in between when they decide to keep going even if that doesn't mean success. To me, there isn't any better definition of resilience.