1. a statement of the exact meaning of a word, especially in a dictionary.


For as long as I can remember, it's been pretty easy to decide how to apply definitions to people based on our impression of them, whether that impression is initial or based on years of friendship.

We all do it. We do it to others and most of the time, we do it to ourselves.

A couple of years ago I posted a picture on my photography Facebook page of an athlete. Someone I admired, someone who had worked hard to be successful at what she was doing. A comment was made that upset me greatly. It wasn't about the image, which criticism I can handle, it was about the persons body in that image. A body that had worked hard to get where she was. A body that made that person feel good about themselves and inspired others as well. A body that finally allowed this person to step away from the "you're too skinny" definition that people had placed on her.

I was angry that this person felt compelled to define this person based on her body build. I was angry because this person didn't understand how hard it was for this athlete to gain weight and build muscle. Just as someone who is trying to lose weight faces a daily battle, someone who is trying to gain does too. And this person didn't pause before making such a hurtful comment.

And unfortunately it's become an all too common problem. We have become a society that feels justified in defining people.

A little over a year ago I approached a couple of friends about a project I had in mind. I wanted an honest opinion as to whether or not the story about not being defined could be told. At first I was going to just plan on women telling their stories, but then I realized I was doing the exact thing I was upset about. I was categorizing how we define as applying to women only. And it's not that way. Both men and women experience it daily.

I am MORE has finally come to fruition. It's a chance to see the raw and real side of people who no longer are allowing definitions to box them in. They are no longer allowing one word to tell their story. And they are going to show you how much MORE you can be too.