As the sun snuck through my curtain on Sunday morning Nashville, I knew that in hours the fate of Sheila's 2017 season would be decided.

I started off the day with that funny feeling of unease in my belly, a lot of nervousness, and palms that were a bit sweaty. These are feeling one encounters when they are waiting for an answer or decision about something. Usually this is a very personal experience. It wasn't something personal to me, but it was to Sheila. And because it was her, I felt this way.

These last 8 months I've become invested. Invested in who Sheila is as a person. Invested in who Sheila is as a coach. Invested in who Sheila is as an athlete. Invested in who Sheila is as a friend. Completely invested.

I wanted to to see her succeed with the goal she had told me about in October. I wanted to see her gym family, many of which I've gotten to know and count as friends, scream until their voices gave out when she was called to stand on the podium. I wanted to see that smile I've come to know so well when she knew her ticket had been punched.

That is what someone feels when they've become invested in someone they want to succceed.

So today's been hard. It wasn't the outcome I was positive would come to fruition. It's hard because I've had the privilege to witness how much she has wanted to be back at the Games. It's hard because I know now, first hand, how much dedication and devotion she has to give to be at this level of fitness. It's hard because I know what it takes. The days of good training, bad training, frustration, challenge, laughter, fun. All of it I felt though chronicling Sheila as she was on this journey.

But what I also know is that this defeat is not the end. She has something in her that is special. She is driven, she is focused, she knows what she wants. That alone will carry her though this bump in the road. She is the type of person who won't allow this to derail what her ultimate goals are.

So for now I will wait. I will wait because I'm invested. And investments pay off.

And I can't wait until this one does.