Every day is more important than the last. Every day brings me one day closer to my goal. My goal of standing on the Central Regional podium once again.
Today is more important than yesterday. The food I fuel my body with, the hours I spend recovering, the video replays of each Regional event on repeat, and the mental fortitude that is being built each time I shut down a doubtful voice that tries to surface in the mist of it all. Today is the most important day, until tomorrow.

Living in the present is very important for me this time of year. One second, one rep, one WOD at a time. Focus, breathe, believe. I use my videos to evaluate my performance in each event run through, not to relive the moment. I will get to relive the moment in less than two weeks when Regionals is over, but for now, it's all about today and what I can do right now to make sure I accomplish my goal. The past five and a half years are about to be on display, and I am ready.

My emotions are completely under control. I'm not anxious. I'm not excited. I'm ready.


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