When we talked about what this week was going to be like for her, she gave me a run down of how she gets ready. And a warning.

As I write this Sheila has already landed in Nashville after her flight from Omaha. She makes sure she has sufficient time to acclimate to a new climate, a new elevation, a new city. At this point she has already found a gym to call home for the next few days. She posted today that she will be working on a few final workout details and begin her taper before she hits the competition floor.

Although she's spending a week in Nashville, the Music City, she'll be tuning out. Tuning out because that is what she needs to do to be at her best. Her phone gets turned over to her husband Jake and her mind takes over. Essential communication from Commish to keep her on track and focused will come through, but that is about it.

It's not personal. It's not to be mean. It's not because her family and friends aren't important. They are, just not right now.

She's tuned out in the areas that won't help her achieve her goal. Right now she needs to make sure her perfectly tuned body is in line with a perfectly tuned mind. That is what matters. That is what makes podium winners.

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