Official invites to Regionals have been sent and accepted. Training changes in preparation for what Dave Castro has in store. Regionals, for the most part, is known as the competition where you need to be strong and fast.

That means volume. Volume in a variety of ways. Volume in training. Volume in food. Volume in active recovery and rest. Volume.

The ability to sustain the type of training that Sheila does on a daily basis wouldn't happen if she wasn't fueling her body right. I'm not a nutritionist, but I do know the basics of good fuel for the body. But for an athlete, one that performs at the level that Sheila does, it takes more than just following suggested average daily numbers. If you ask any athlete about their diet as they are preparing for a competition, you know they are very honed in to what their body needs to perform at the optimal level. That means the right combination of proteins, carbs and fats. The right volume. Eaten at the right time.

Up until this point, although Sheila has still eaten in line with what she knows her body needs, she hasn't been as strict with how she is eating. That meant Fruit Loops may have made an appearance to get carbs in. As she get's closer to regionals, that has changed. She now weighs and measures everything she eats, numbers are followed and hit with exactness. Just like her training.

So what does Sheila eat in a typical day?

Todays menu:


Bread with Eggs, Cream Cheese, Yogurt


Ribs, Sweet Potato, BBQ Sauce, Onions


Ribs, Carrots, Spring Rolls


Berries, Whip Cream, Fuel for Fire, Ten Performance Protein

That may not appear to be a lot, but this is a 2500 calorie day. 2500 calories that are designed to help her to be as lean and strong, in conjunction with her training, as she can be when she hits the competition floor at regionals. This isn't a way of eating that is for everyone, that is why discipline is so important for an elite athlete. Especially one that wants to stand on the podium.

Each day until regionals that discipline and volume will be honed in with exactness. You hear often that bodies are made in the kitchen, and for an elite athlete that couldn't be any more true.

And for Sheila, it's just another step on the way to the podium. She does it not because she has to, she does it because she wants to. And that's the point, if you want to be successful you have to do it the right way. You may not be working towards a spot on the Regionals floor, but if you just want to perform at your best, you'll need to work at it.