There are five core values tattooed on my wrist. Love, compassion, authenticity, experience, and permission. I share this with you because I'm a mother of four who is fortunate to be in a position to not have to work. But I have a love for movement photography and because of that, I've had some wonderful opportunities. As with all things, they come with a cost, and the biggest one, being away from your family. When that happens, those opportunities have to align with some of my values or I don't accept them.

In the three years I've been fortunate to be a part of the new CrossFit Games media team, I can say that most of these connect with the way the team functions. Each of the people in that media room truly loves what they do because they love the mission of CrossFit, LLC, they love the sport of CrossFit and how the stories they are able to produce can change lives. Each individual has an authenticity that resonates in that room. You can see it in how they advocate, interact, how the story is told, and how respect for the team, the leadership, and most importantly, the athlete and community are by ensuring integrity. I'm a firm believer that experiences mold us, and each time I've been fortunate to experience an element of creativity that is challenging but also empowering. Finally, permission to create in a way that aligns with the vision but allows what is you to show up in those stories. Each person in that room looks differently through their lens, but collectively it comes together to ensure that we represent the sport, whether it's the athletes or the community, in an intentional way that ensures respect and without objectification.

This matters. It's said that no publicity is bad publicity, but I disagree and sadly it's always apparent when there are changes. It's different than it was quite a few years ago and it's gotten different for the good from a story telling perspective. It's disappointing to see those in the space, who could be such wonderful advocates for what is truly the cornerstone, the live changing benefits, degrade and disrespect those who put their heart and soul into the stories.

Respect is paramount. Respect for athletes. Respect for leadership. Respect for the staff. That is one thing that has never been compromised in my time as a freelancer over the last three years and for that I'm grateful.